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Cookies: Wade in the Water

Updated: Aug 6, 2020

A member of a racist extremist group, is sent to a tent revival to silence a national activist. Also in attendance is a "mysterious" woman; who is waiting to confront the person of interest about his past indiscretions that are dichotomous to his current: nurturing, healing and humanitarian self.

A MadMan Tale, issue 1.
MMT #1

WHY WAS THIS THE FIRST STORY? A few years back we was in the middle of this movement where there was finally a platform for victims of abuse to be really heard. And it also became a time for mixed emotions; people in positions of power, influence and contribution, were the ones that caused the pain. In some cases we found out our heroes where once villains. So it pretty much evolved organically into this... parable of some sort. I wanted to look at the issue and not be so exact or specific with details. But, wanted the story to be familiar in concept. I think I used to many words in this answer. CAN WE DO SPOILERS? Sure, I don't mind. VAMPIRES? Okay let's not get that far ahead just yet. WHY DID YOU DECIDE TO MAKE WADE A RACIST? Well, I didn't decide that. Wade chose that life for himself. I'm just telling his story (Laughter). He was a racist because I wanted to have a person who had a seemingly unwavering point of view that was based off nonsense. I didn't have to dive into why he was a racist or how long he was one or even why he became one. It was one of those characters where the reader would automatically understand his position. Also I wanted his turning point to be extreme. To sum it up with spoilers, Wade went to this tent revival to assassinate a black activist. While he was there, he was emerged into this spiritual awakening and... had a change of heart. After realizing exactly what was going on, he wanted to follow the path of the preacher-the man he was sent to assassinate. OKAY SO TELL US ABOUT THE PREACHER. He's a vampire (laughter). Now you can spoil it. Yeah, so... The preacher is a vampire and his previous lifestyle, he pretty much took the lives of innocent people so that he could feed off their blood. I didn't want to get too complex in whether the vampire killed for sport or hunger... He was simply being a monster and caused pain to many people. Somewhere along his journey he explains what made him change his actions. And it is pretty much the same thing that changes the heart of Wade. So, since the vampire has found this new way of living, He becomes a preacher and spreads this gospel to people, mainly other vampires. YES, SO I HAD TO RE-READ IT TO CATCH MOST OF THE PEOPLE AT THE SERVICE WERE VAMPIRES. SERVICE OF THE NIGHT. Revival-of-The-Night, wait. That part wasn't in the comic. You read the screenplay. So yes. This tent revival has a focus of turning vampires away from their blood-lust and becoming helpful servants of humanity. CAN WE JUMP TO THE ENDING ABOUT THE WATER? We can, but I'll have to mention the Lady first. ABSOLUTELY, THE LADY WHO WANT'S REVENGE. WHAT'S HER DEAL? Well, her deal is, she is a victim of the preacher's previous blood-lust. long ago the vampire slaughtered her family, you know, the typical you killed my family and now I'm gonna kill you. But, when you follow the pages it first comes across that possibly her and the preacher had a past encounter in resemblance to a "Me Too" event. When they are alone they exchange a few words and later it's revealed that she is absolutely going kill this dude, because he killed her loved ones. Not sure if it was her Parents, Siblings, Spouse, Uncle... Whoever it was, She wants revenge. And she does not care about any of his current good deeds. All she wants is for him to pay for his 'Sins' according to her penalty, which is a stake through his chest.

WHICH BRINGS US TO THE POOL Yes, The water. Okay, so the Preacher does the revival for the Vampires and hopefully they turn away from their blood lust. But, if they are having a hard time doing so and they really want to gracefully have peace... They allow themselves to be baptized and as result they get that spiritual cleanse and they perish in the water. So without outlining the whole story, the preacher performs his last baptisms and then baptizes himself in the process. This was his way of repenting.

WHY DID YOU LET HIM GO OUT LIKE THAT? One of the main points of the story was to show a character that has done some horrible things and become truly sorry for what he did. I think this is real repentance or even real apology. He did disgusting things, He recognized his actions, He owned up to them, He made adjustments to not do those things again, He also made himself a mission to stop the same behavior from occurring in others, He held on to his new mission and when it came time to face the music... He held himself accountable. He took his punishment and did not try to get out of it.

BUT HE DID, WHY DID HE NOT LET HER KILL HIM IN THE TRAILER? I couldn't let her kill him. In this instance, It really wasn't her place to decide his punishment. If he did, the example of his death to others would have been different, as opposed to an open display of repenting for your offenses and showing that you willingly have put yourself in a position of penance. And I think that's what we need more examples of. Not the dying part. But, the part where we confess that we did wrong to each other and come to a place where we can own up to what we did. And I think that's what makes society so frustrating. It's not only hard to have people hurt others, but it's double hurt to have that person excused or justified or blatantly covered up from the actual offense.

SO THIS ISSUE IS FILLED WITH LESSONS. Yeah, hopefully they are received the way I intended, if not... I really hope to be more clear in my future stories. I'm really making these stories to share ideas and subtly offer solutions and introspection for each reader. I don't have to do it, But I take the responsibility to add some kind of good substance to this series. Yes, it's considered a horror tale... But, it's every bit of the way a true parable.

-A MadMan Tale issue #1

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