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COOKIES: Unidentified Lies

COOKIES- Inside scoop. Our version of directors cut and hidden Easter eggs

This post; we bite into the Cookies of

"A MadMan Tale" issue 2, Unidentified Lies. On the surface, this issue follows an inquisitive journalist, on an unexpected trail of lies, to uncover the truth behind a highly publicized police shooting. Hopefully you read the issue already, so let's dive in...


The traffic stop is bogus. The leading officer; Officer Flint, was involved in a fatal shooting of a civilian and Carlton Bond; whom is a passenger in the back seat of the vehicle, was a witness to the incident. Officer Flint pulls the vehicle with the intent to harass Bond into either not testifying or to lie under oath. Of course, Bond recognizes the officer and realizes he can't be trusted when he suggests that he smells weed in the smoke-less car. Bond feels like his life is in danger, so he flees the vehicle.


Here's the deal, it speaks to the premeditated intent to pull the trigger. It is very clear that this officer wanted a reason to pull his trigger and therefore instigated a circumstance that would enable him to 'legally' pull that trigger. He wanted an excuse to do it. And the follow up claim; "Most lies start in the cover of darkness", I hope is clear. Of course, when there is no witnesses around it is easy to create your own version of a story, with hopes that it is received as the true narrative. And that's were the story takes it's mark.


While the field reporters begin broadcasting, the words that they to describe the incident was an effort to begin shaping the story. They always use certain buzz words, that help mislead the audience.

Ron Hampton picked up on some oddities. He first noticed that the police didn't have any markings of jurisdiction. The two officers in the beginning had 'N' on their uniform to signify Nyack police. The other officers did not. Which is a heads up to the reader to pay attention to details like that. During the 2020 protest, police made arrest of Klan members who were impersonating officers. They wore full tactical gear and darkened vehicles to appear as unmarked police vehicles. They was going around kidnapping Black people under the guise of Law enforcement officers. That case is still under investigation (I hope it follows with a heavy conviction). So much to that incident. I strongly feel that is not the only case of it happening. Most civilians are already in a position where they are fearful of even questioning police because the officer has a superiority complex, which leads to the officer instigating and over compensating to the point of brutality. So shout-out to Ron for picking up on that.

The microphones of the field anchors are branded with their stations logo. The three obvious news stations are; WEE, FIX, NEWS and Channel 2 News. This is def a setup for the ending 'cookie'. The insignia for Ron Hampton's station (news channel 2) added to the set. The last page was a complete sentence "WEE FIX News 2". Implying that all 4 stations ultimately have a charge to 'Write' the news 'story'.


Well, as far as the issue is concerned, Ron didn't give any more details about the story. He was promoted from a field reporter to a lead, desk anchor. He simply filled his segments with other 'celebrity' news as a diversion from the police shooting story. And i will not confirm nor deny that Ron Hampton's character was inspired by a popular news anchor of today.


Yeah, I thought about it. But, I wanted to make the horror focus more on the high ranking officials, being the monsters that mislead and manipulate. Again hopefully illustrating that the alien invasion is HUGE NEWS, but it's something they are not ready release to the public just yet. So they go with a scenario too familiar. The outrage that comes from an officer shooting is so common and predictable, that it goes on a path of it's own without any effort. Manipulators know this and know how to fuel the fires. Also adding that they only looked at young Carlton Bond's life as a small chess piece to play with, in order to carry out the false story.


On the page of the dock meeting, there are two hidden figures located in the first panel. After the abduction the fast food containers foreshadow a future MadMan Tale issue.


Morby, the artist, did a good job with the cover. Now that you read the story, what do you feel the cover implies?

In conclusion, this COOKIE Blog was fun to recap the second issue. It is def one of my favorite stories and It would be dope to see it on the big screen, don't you agree? In-case you have not checked out the issue, you can read it today by downloading the digital issue.

Corey Marshall


A MadMan Tale #2

Unidentified Lies

Get issue here:

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