Incase you have not. I am working on a graphic novel. The first issue of seven will be released next month, Feb 15.

What's it about?

The series is titled, "A MadMan Tale". It is inspired by the story-telling style of Alfred Hitchcock, The Twighlight Zone, Outer Limits and Tales from the Crypt. The MMT will be an on-going series with the aim of not just telling odd stories, But to add another platform for social awareness and continuous discussion concerning the social elements that are brought up in each issue. Each story will touch on real life topics that we hear about or are confronted with; Scandals, Shootings, Shady Corporations, Conspiracies, Relationships, Health, Snacks and more. 

It will be a monthly series and copies will be available in digital or printed format (limited edition comics). Each issue will resemble the old-school comics of having pages of advertisement throughout  the story (like commercials).

It would be dope and I would be appreciative if you would support by becoming one of the following:

  1. Digital Subscriber - Digital copy each month to your email.

  2. Advertiser - Purchase ad space in each issue to promote your business, podcast, service or product.

  3. Backer - Subscribe by giving a little more and receiving some cool perks.


I trust this finds you at a good time and I wish you much continuous success.


Corey Marshall