After a harrowing rencounter, a withdrawn traveler narrates a collection of tales; where the line between reality and fiction become increasingly blurred. Touching the genres of Sci-Fi, Comedy, Horror and Drama; This page-turning series is for mature readers.


Wade in the Water

A member of a racist extremist group, is sent to a tent revival to silence a national activist. Also in attendance is a "mysterious" woman; who is waiting to confront the person of interest about his past indiscretions that are dichotomous to his current: nurturing, healing and humanitarian self.

Issue #1


Unidentified Lies

An inquisitive journalist follows an unexpected trail of lies, to uncover the truth behind a highly publicized police shooting. 

Issue #2


Artificial identity

This fast-paced, wheels-within-wheels, story-driven tale, leads us away from the question; "...if Computers will ever take over." And onto the more relevant inquisition of, "When, did computers take over?"

Issue #3


The Gospel Burger

(The Gospel According to Burger)

After years of pastoring an empty church, a Gospel preacher finds; THE BURGER, to be a more compelling method to growing his congregation. 

Issue #4


Dark roots

(The Story of a Beautiful Town)


Issue #5


"I grew up watching Alfred Hitchcock, The Twilight Zone, Tales from the Crypt and Cosmic Slop. I've always wanted to take a chance telling unusual stories while still addressing important/deep social issues. The "MadMan" point of view was our scapegoat to add a layer of absurdity over a sensitive topic. My favorite part of each story is developing a colorful distraction from the concern that hits our reality. The dangers in the MadMan's world are ones that may never find their way into ours... but... they are not as menacing as the truths that do."

~Corey Marshall